Mahaba-habang inuman with
San Mig Light

Drink up San Mig Light for fun and exciting moments with friends that just go on and on and on. With fewer calories, San Mig Light is less filling and light on the tummy. This could only mean one thing, for mahaba-habang inuman with friends til the wee hours of the morning, drink to San Mig Light.

A light beer with heavyweight awards

If the awards that San Mig Light has won are any indication, your love for San Mig Light is shared by a lot of other beer fans. Its long list of recognition includes a silver won at the 2004 Monde Selection Awards for San Miguel Guangzhou Brewery Co. Limited. That same year, San Mig Light from San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Ltd. also bagged a silver medal.

San Mig Light capped a much-coveted gold at the Monde Selection International for Quality Selections in 2007 held in Brussels, Belguim.

It’s so light it feels just right

Have your fill of San Mig Light without having to worry about packing in unwanted pounds. Every 330ml can or bottle of San Mig Light only has 100 calories and 5% ABV.

Got beer?

What’s a party or get-together with friends without San Mig Light? You may have a mahaba-habang inuman in the comfort of your own home with 15 liter and 30 liter draft kegs of San Mig Light. Get the fun going and order your favorite beer. Click here to contact us.

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